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The Camelot

The Camelot   is always a children's favourite. This is a spacious castle and a favourite for Children's Parties, Fetes, Schools, Weddings, Clubs, or just for fun. Our castles are suitable for all occasions.

DIMENTIONS: 13' wide x 16' long and 14' high
PRICE: £65.00 per day

The Superslide

The Superslide The much loved slide!
We all love a slide at the Park, now try this fantastic slide in your own garden!

Approx 27 ft long and 12 ft wide and 17 ft high
PRICE: £110.00 per day

The Princess Castle

The Princess Castle   "Pretty in Pink"
This beautiful Princess themed castle will make you the envy of your friends when they come to your party. This really is a beautiful bouncy castle, with some of the very best artwork available anywhere. This Castle is fitted with a shower cover/sun shade.

OUTSIDE DIMENTIONS: approx 12 ft long and 12 ft wide.
PRICE: £60.00 per day

Party Time

Party time   with a deep bed and fitted shower cover / sun shade.

OUTSIDE DIMENTIONS: approx 17 ft long and 17 ft wide.
PRICE: £70.00 per day

The Little Dragon

The Little Dragon   is a magical children's favourite suited to smaller children aged 8 years and under.

DIMENTIONS: approx 12 ft long (including step) and 11' 8" wide and 9 feet high.
PRICE: £45.00 per day

The Bart Simpson

The Bart Simpson   with it's fitted shower / sun cover is another very popular Castle for children of all ages.

DIMENTIONS: approx 14' x 14' (Including Step)
PRICE: £50.00 per day

The Disney

The Disney   is another children's favourites with it's Disneyland feel. Your children of all ages are safe and sound in their Disneyland surroundings.

DIMENTIONS: approx 14' x 14'
PRICE: £50.00 per day

The Jungle

The Jungle   has that wilder look and feel. Deep among the jungle trees, you can almost hear the squeals of delight of the jungle wildlife.

DIMENTIONS: approx. 12' x 12'
PRICE: £50.00 per day

The Little Monster

The Little Monster
A smaller castle, but lots of big fun. Watch those fluffy little monsters go when the children bounce away to their heart's delight!

DIMENTIONS: approx. 12’ x 11’ 8”
PRICE: £45.00 per day

The Tiger

The Tiger   Just look at that Tiger go!
Watch his head nod! He is big - he is wild - he is lot's of fun for those who like a larger bounce! Like all our castles, this one has been manufactured in the UK and is suitable for adults too. The internal walls are 6 foot tall.

DIMENTIONS: approx. 17' wide x 17' long and 14' high
(Adults & Children)
PRICE: £100.00 per day

The Birthday Cake

The Birthday Cake   A must for those birthday parties. The children can't eat the birthday cake castle, but they will jolly well love bouncing on it!

DIMENTIONS: 13 feet in diameter and 12 feet high
PRICE: £60.00 per day

The Slide

The Slide   is different and lots of fun creeping in the tunnel and up to the slide. Then bouncy rolly polly down the slope as you go. Lots of fun to had!

DIMENTIONS: 23 foot long, 8 foot wide and 10 foot high
PRICE: £65.00 per day

The Adult Jungle

The Adult Jungle Theme
  is a must for all the Adults to have a good time as well as the Kids!

DIMENTIONS 18’ x 15’ (including the step)
PRICE: £75.00 per day

The Adult Wrestler

The Adult Wrestler
  is also a must for all the Adults to have a good time!

DIMENTIONS 18’ x 15’ (including the step)
PRICE: £85.00 per day

The Gladiator Duel

The Gladiator Duel   will impress everyone!

A real crowd pleaser. Go head to head and battle it out in a test of skill, balance but not always brute strength. Sons can beat their dads and Mums can beat their sons. We see it all the time. Great fun for the competitors and spectators too.

Safety head guards for both children and adults. The Gladiator Duel has raised side walls and has been manufactured to meet all current health and safety standards.

DIMENTIONS: 21’ x 21’ (6.4m x 6.4m)
PRICE: £100.00 per day

The Ball Pit Duel

The Ball Pit   a favourite with the children!

Provided with the ball pit is a big bag of play area balls.

DIMENTIONS: 9 ft wide including step, by 8ft length
PRICE: £40.00 per day

Hello Kitty Duel

The Hello Kitty   another favourite with the children!

With an attractive side slide for extra fun!

DIMENTIONS: 14ft length including step - by 17ft wide including slide
PRICE: £80.00 per day

The Circus

The Circus   Come to the Circus! A small favourite with the children. Fits in to the smaller gardens.

DIMENTIONS: 10ft length - by 10ft wide: £40.00 per day

The Kiddy Wrestler

The Kiddy Wrestler   Just for the Kiddies with loads of bounce energy.....

DIMENTIONS: 14ft length - by 11ft wide: £50.00 per day

The Bungee Run

The Bungee Run  A head to head challenge .....
Run as fast as you can to beat your partner to see how far you can place your Velcro Marker.

DIMENTIONS: 27ft length - by 9ft wide :£125.00 per day

The Celebration Time

The Celebration Time    Let's Party!

Let your hair down and have a party!

DIMENTIONS: 15ft length - by 15ft wide :£65.00 per day

The Kids Fun Time

The Kids Fun Time  
Another great fun time Castle for the Children
at an affordable price too!

DIMENTIONS: 14ft length - by 17ft wide :£50.00 per day

The Spiderman

The Spiderman    
Every Child's Super Hero

DIMENTIONS: 12ft length - by 12ft wide :£55.00 per day

The Princess 2

The Princess 2   Pretty Princesss .....
Another of our popular Princess Castles

DIMENTIONS: 12ft length - by 12ft wide :£55.00 per day

All delivered to you 7 days a week at times to suit you
A reliable and 1st class service


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